Gran Canaria: Contrast


Hard to realise, but images proof a hard impact on the environment when we speak about unconscious tourism industrie. The image just compares the living together of the aggressive tourism resorts in Playa del Cura, next to meant to be demolished old constructions in order to expand the 4-Stars complexes. Take the chance to enjoy one of the few and last nice “virgin” locations on the south of the island.

Gran Canaria: Contrast

Swallows’ Trace


The reading of “No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies”, by Naomi Klein, brings a quick reflection on our globalized world. There is a piece of the book that has specially caught my attention, the one about the “asian swallows”: ephemeral industries that literally fly from one island to another in Southern Asia. The movement of these companies is extremely aggressive with the social environment. Like swallows do, they migrate when social conditions are not any more favourable.

Swallows’ Trace 1

The proposal is to create a serial of sculptures that would be the Asian Swallow’s trace. Formally, they are a negative form of a feet that would be placed on public spaces on the areas where there used to be a factory. These ones would be linked to different small sculptures of feet and shoes (this time at real scale) placed on the main squares in  developed countries. These would address the audience to a new localization that could be checked on the Internet, where they could easily read about the topic.

Swallows’ Trace 2

Wax Cloud Loop


Basing the piece on the unusual phenomenon of the Morning Glory clouds. “Rolling Clouds” are produced by still unknown reasons. It is thought that they are produced by cold air and humidity from the sea, but the short time it last and the so uncommon situation, make it hard to research about it.

BlogCloudWax 1

The project is based on the “interest“ they produce (millions of entries are found on the internet, and there are even special trips to try to ride them), and on the “ephemeral” aspect (as you can normally find them only in September and October and only during the morning or evening).

BlogCloudWax 2

The idea is to have a turning machine that on its way up faces a heat source that makes wax drops fall down to a new grid that it turns over itself and creates a new wax cloud. This new wax cloud faces the same procedure, become a loop.

The installation proposal shows how people are fascinated by ephemeral issues, destroying a cloud to make a new one that follows. The movement imitates the “rolling clouds”, but it is more a lyric about how “man destroys to build, and builds to destroy”, making a destructive loop as on the proposal.

Project proposal wrote on 2010.