Icelandic Trash


Two pictures of the serial Icelandic Trash.
An introspective point of view of Iceland.

Icelandic Trash 3

Icelandic Trash 1

Meant to be (and in fact, it is) one of the most fascinating nature destinations, Iceland finds itself full of old forgotten machinery. Some of it consider today monuments, some other maybe just left over there as it might be cheaper to let it stay as bring it back somewhere else and process it.

Serial on going.
Pictures taken in 2011 and 2012.



Seating on a train might be one of the most reflecting experiences for many of us. I do enjoy every ride I take and sometimes I just feel amazed by the movement of static items.

When taking pictures through the window of a train to share them on Instagram, there are two aspects which get repeated: the blurry effect of movement, and a circle in the middle sign of the small objective of the phone’s camera.

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Instraingram 01

Instraingram 02

Year of publication: 2013

The panorama addiction


Only a few cities are so inspiring like Chicago and its architecture. Not like in other american cities, Chicago lets its architecture and skyscraper breathe. I feel impressed and tempted to shoot it. Here the result of two nice panoramic pictures of two main point of the city: the Big Bean and Lake Michigan.

Chicago Panorama 01: Lake Michigan

Chicago Panorama 01: The Cloud Gate

Larger versions of the pics are available upon request.
Project published in 2013