Iceland: brightness


Two pictures of the serial about Iceland.
An introspective point of view of Iceland.

Iceland 01 Iceland  02

Light (and then, colour) are a main point to focus in Iceland. Here two pictures which analyses the brightness that some colours achieve on the Icelandic context. Even more curious the brightness of an already aged cord on the coast.  

Serial on going.

Pictures taken in 2011.

Swallows’ Trace


The reading of “No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies”, by Naomi Klein, brings a quick reflection on our globalized world. There is a piece of the book that has specially caught my attention, the one about the “asian swallows”: ephemeral industries that literally fly from one island to another in Southern Asia. The movement of these companies is extremely aggressive with the social environment. Like swallows do, they migrate when social conditions are not any more favourable.

Swallows’ Trace 1

The proposal is to create a serial of sculptures that would be the Asian Swallow’s trace. Formally, they are a negative form of a feet that would be placed on public spaces on the areas where there used to be a factory. These ones would be linked to different small sculptures of feet and shoes (this time at real scale) placed on the main squares in  developed countries. These would address the audience to a new localization that could be checked on the Internet, where they could easily read about the topic.

Swallows’ Trace 2

Wax Cloud Loop


Basing the piece on the unusual phenomenon of the Morning Glory clouds. “Rolling Clouds” are produced by still unknown reasons. It is thought that they are produced by cold air and humidity from the sea, but the short time it last and the so uncommon situation, make it hard to research about it.

BlogCloudWax 1

The project is based on the “interest“ they produce (millions of entries are found on the internet, and there are even special trips to try to ride them), and on the “ephemeral” aspect (as you can normally find them only in September and October and only during the morning or evening).

BlogCloudWax 2

The idea is to have a turning machine that on its way up faces a heat source that makes wax drops fall down to a new grid that it turns over itself and creates a new wax cloud. This new wax cloud faces the same procedure, become a loop.

The installation proposal shows how people are fascinated by ephemeral issues, destroying a cloud to make a new one that follows. The movement imitates the “rolling clouds”, but it is more a lyric about how “man destroys to build, and builds to destroy”, making a destructive loop as on the proposal.

Project proposal wrote on 2010.

Salty-Sweet PopCorn


Already in 2011, I got involved with media and social networks in order to publish and get people involved in artistic projects. Here my first try out under the directions of Anna Zwingl.

Salty-Sweet PopCorn

For many decades, films and documentaries have been speaking about natural disasters. Lately, a new tendency related to climate change has been raised. However, the attitude of human being remains untouched on an egoistic cycle of extreme consumption and waste. These facts are not only not helping our nature, but boosting the environmental damage.

Human beings are just remaining as a simple audience opposite a science-fiction film, not replying to the message that some directors or artists have tried to send, nor replying to a grotesque way of commercial- ising the catastrophe by Hollywood. Human beings are, generally, remaining as spectators.

My proposal is a participative installation where two boxes of popcorn are displayed. The first one, the salty one, contains white paper pop corns with statements about the environmental damage, try- ing to make a reflection on the topic. The second box, called the sweet one, is to be…

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Icelandic Trash


Two pictures of the serial Icelandic Trash.
An introspective point of view of Iceland.

Icelandic Trash 3

Icelandic Trash 1

Meant to be (and in fact, it is) one of the most fascinating nature destinations, Iceland finds itself full of old forgotten machinery. Some of it consider today monuments, some other maybe just left over there as it might be cheaper to let it stay as bring it back somewhere else and process it.

Serial on going.
Pictures taken in 2011 and 2012.

Shoots on the Square II


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The next pictures are a serial of proposals. They started being nature questions, but could end on a very long list of any other topic, mainly related to politics and religion.

Up to Budapest and its empty potential space mainly used by artists for space interventions. Trying a new irony, this “meant to be” artistic space could be changed into a promotional icon. An advertisement  looking for new creatives creates a double irony on a capital with a communist background.

Shoots on the Square 3

The last picture comes back to the celebrations issue. The irony is placed in Istanbul. The real advertisement refers to the China and celebrate its new year, the Tiger one, which is a beer brand… on a country where its religious tradition would not allow them to drink it?

Shoots on the Square 4

This project just pretends new situations in open public spaces, where messages can be easily reached. An innocent perspective for a big issue. Like drawings on newspapers. Like tourists would do on their traveling, like we would do on a weekend out in Vienna.

Project published on year 2010.

Shoots on the Square I


The more innocent sights are sometimes the more critical ones with its own environment. While analysing the public space we could easily have a look to this Coca-Cola advertisement where they wish us merry christmas… And it is happening on a church under work. Rising funds should be transparent, but it is still kind of paradoxical.

Shoots on the Square 1

Basically, what on a day were just celebrations for the season change, has been used by religions to support their own believing. Then, used once again by commercial purposes that finally support the own church who used such a celebration.

But let’s go a step further and play with imagination. Which ironies could we easily find on our urban environment? Would be politically correct to support Venecia’s works through advertisements of a catastrophal film?

Shoots on the Square 2

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Project published on year 2010.



Seating on a train might be one of the most reflecting experiences for many of us. I do enjoy every ride I take and sometimes I just feel amazed by the movement of static items.

When taking pictures through the window of a train to share them on Instagram, there are two aspects which get repeated: the blurry effect of movement, and a circle in the middle sign of the small objective of the phone’s camera.

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Instraingram 01

Instraingram 02

Year of publication: 2013