Bolboreta Festival


This pieces of design graphic are part of my final project as bachelor on Graphic design. Bolboreta (butterfly in Galician language) Festival is supposed to be the first itinerant music festival supported by Scratch Musiccompany (the whole major project and brand developed).

Bolboreta Festival


The festival would take part in different cities on tour in Spain during the months of August and September. Above the main poster, while the next designs are coasters and postalfree examples to be used in bar to promote the festival. The slogans are “Live it up; life is short” and “Hatching out in concert” refer to the butterflies basics and to the intensive and fast way of celebrating such events. Bolboreta Festival

Bolboreta Festival

Bolboreta Festival

This pieces are part of the global project Scratch back in 2007. Find out more here on the blog soon!

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